9-11 Family Feedback



 "I lost my Husband Douglas. I saw the news flyer about the flag from Bill Doyle.
Thank you for your fine effort in creating this thoughtful flag. This was the first time I've heard about it and it caught my attention...I visited your site to take a look at the flag. I thought it was wonderfully done. The flag symbolized the events of that day very tastefully... It would be an honor to display your flag as a remembrance for all those who were lost and those who survived. Thank You." 


 "My amazing wife, Wendy was murdered on 9/11 in the South Tower of the WTC.  She was there for a one-day meeting... Thank you for your fine effort in creating  this thoughtful flag."


 "I have people who walk by the house daily and gaze at the beautiful flag...thank you for your kindness for these beautiful patriotic flags. To me
they represent what a wonderful and free country Americans have the privilege to live in. All of our loved ones who lost their lives on 9/11
were proud to be Americans and they refused to live in fear." 

Mary Ann

 "You are doing a wonderful thing. My son is a survivor of that horrible day,
he made it out of tower 2 about 10-15 minutes before it collapsed. I thank God every day for keeping him safe."